This month's Feature Article will introduce you to Shipping Container
    Homes. With a movement in America towards smaller and simpler living
    spaces, this is timely information.
    Happy Holidays!

                  John M. Wickline

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    Home Repair

     Green Cleaning Solutions         
    Feel like being a little more
    environmentally conscious this
    spring? Here are some earth-
    friendly cleaning recipes to help:

    All Purpose Cleaner
         4 tablespoons baking soda
         1 quart warm water
    Dissolve baking soda in the warm
    water. Apply with a sponge or
    spray with a spray bottle. Use to
    clean and deodorize all kitchen
    and bathroom surfaces. Rinse with
    clear water.

    Drain Cleaner
         1 cup baking soda
         1 cup white vinegar
            Boiling water
    Pour baking soda down the drain.
    Add white vinegar and cover the
    drain if possible. Let stand for 5
    minutes, then pour a pot of hot
    water down the drain. The vinegar
    and baking soda will break down
    fatty acids into soap and glycerin,
    and wash the clog down the drain.
    CAUTION: Don't use this method if
    you have used a commercial drain
    opener that may still be present in
    the drain.

    Lime / Mineral Deposit Remover
    Soak cleaning cloths in vinegar
    then apply the cloths to the lime
    deposits around faucets. Leave
    the cloths there for approximately
    one hour. The deposits will soften
    and can be wiped easily.

    Oven Cleaner
         Baking soda
         Very fine steel wool
    Sprinkle water on oven surface.
    Apply baking soda and rub using
    a very fine steel wool. Wipe off
    with a damp sponge. Rinse well
    and dry.

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    Sprinkle baking soda into the
    bowl, then pour some vinegar in
    and scour with a toilet brush. This
    combination cleans and

    Furniture Polish
         3 cups olive oil
         1 cup vinegar
    Mix well. Use a clean, soft cloth to
    apply to furniture.

         1 cup borax
         1 gallon hot water
    CAUTION: Borax is a toxic
    ingredient. Handle it with care and
    store safely.


    Christmas Trees

    This is the season for live
    Christmas trees.
    Please remember to keep
    water supplied to the tree to
    prevent it from drying out and
    catching fire. This is also a
    great time to check your smoke
    alarms and add fresh batteries.

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    Feature Article

    The Ultimate Recycle-
    Shipping Container Homes


Photos courtesy of Zigloo.   

John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
OK, so let's review what makes this such a
fantastic concept:
1.        Cost: much less than average home, thus
making homes affordable for many
2.        Durability (ability to stand up to extreme
weather conditions)
3.        Eco-friendly and Green (recycling at its'
4.        Easily remodeled (modular units  placed
on top of one another or joined easily)
5.        Quick Construction
6.        Transportable
7.        Easily relocated
With these benefits and more, it is no wonder so
many of these Shipping Container Homes are
being designed and built all across America and
other regions of the globe.
I personally am inspired by the creativity and
resourcefulness demonstrated by the builders
and designers of these Shipping Container
Homes.  It is refreshing to see energy spent in
creating simple, humble and adequate living
spaces. There may be hope for us yet. With a
small movement under way across America to
live in smaller and more affordable housing,
these appear to be a great alternative to so
many large, overbuilt homes.
For more information on this topic, please visit
the following website:  
About two years ago, I read of a contest in
California, to create the best design for a
shopping cart for the homeless to use. It had to
be used of a day as a cart to move around their
belongings, and convert for sleeping in the cart
at night (or whenever a homeless person would
want to sleep). The contest went well, and
numerous charities purchased carts made from
the winning design.
    While that was a great idea and a noble effort,
on a larger scale, builders and designers have
gone green in a very large way, creating the
ultimate recycle. Homes, restaurants, offices,
weekend cottages, tree-houses, schools and
virtually everything else we find ourselves
inhabiting, are being designed and constructed
from large metal shipping containers, of all
things.  The idea of creating living spaces from
shipping containers is not new, with builders and
designers from all parts of the globe
experimenting with them for at least 2 decades.
    The containers are environmentally friendly
and sturdy. The cost of the containers has been
minimal in comparison with other building
materials, and construction being relatively
simple and quick, with assembly being similar to
playing with Lego toys (think modular).
And  now for some inspiring images:
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